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I did buy a new one but for some reason it won't let me run plugins thru it. :/ And it's 3tb
I put all my audio software on the system drive. That's pretty much all that is there. I use the external drive for everything else, including the DAW session files and all the audio for those sessions. All your loops and sample libraries can be on the external as well. The software is the one thing you want to keep on your system drive.

That means I can't install any huge plugins or software anymore because I just don't have the space for it
But plugins are not "huge". The actual files that constitute plugins or audio software are really quite small. What eats up your space is the audio in your actual songs. 1 minute of 1 mono track at 44.1/24 = 7.5 MB. So a 3 minute song with 24 tracks is going to take up a half a gig - even with no outtakes.

Are you sure your error messages are about drive space and not some limitation of your computer's CPU?

You do not say what is "on" your computer that is filling it up. Do you have photos? Emails? Movies? Games? an iTunes Library? Why not move that off your internal drive to the external? There is no reason on earth why that has to stay on the internal drive. There are 'clean up' programs that can find the large files that are clogging up your machine, but the first step is to use the external drive for the music. Move all your music there. You may want to defragment your drive afterwards, as well.

a piece of hardware that offers line ins and maybe eq or some audio shaping features.
These things exist, but without a screen can be a PITA to navigate. And frankly a new computer might be cheaper.