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Thank you very much for your time and help!

I'm using my destkop PC and studio monitors at one place, so the scenario with AIO would fit me more i think.

Also I guess AIO would lower the latency much more rather than Babyface Pro, which is cool for me.
You're welcome.

Hmm.. I think, latency is likely non-issue for what you do. Practical difference between AIO and their USB interfaces is negligible, except specific situation with super high load, because of slightly more efficient audio streaming. Basically if you're fine with DAC-2 itself, BF Pro would be the same.
Anyway I see you reasons for AIO at fixed desktop setup with given I/O needs, I came with BF Pro, just because it's more flexible, so when you'd decide to track vocals, guitars or add another stereo synth someday without getting another converter or expansion boards for AIO.
Btw. I have also AIO for many years and it's a workhorse.

So Am I correct with having ADI-2 DAC + AIO, I can set the drivers to AIO in DAW and in foobar and in other sources I can set them to to ADI-2 DAC USB and it would work without any problems, so when I want to produce I just switch to COAX on ADI remote, when I want to play music or do whatever Im switching to USB and that's all?
Exactly, that's what I've meant.