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Here for the gear

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yes HDSPe AIO would work for recording of MS-20 mini. MS-20 mini has one mono unbalanced output at small 3,5 mm TS connector. So you could be fine with basic unbalanced breakout cable with RCA connections, which is shipped with AIO. Then you'd need to get only standard adapter cable from 3,5 mm stereo jack to two RCA cinches.
And yes you can connect your ADI-2 DAC there, for example via coaxial SPDIF, and use it for monitoring.
With regards to limitations, if you would use AIO as a main interface.. functionally you won't have only certain sample rates and modes, which aren't supported by HDSPe AIO. Its highest PCM sample rate is 192 kHz. Whereas ADI-2 DAC via its USB driver supports up to 768 kHz PCM and also DSD rates, so if you have some material like that (eg. some HiRes downloads music), you can't play it via HDSPe AIO.
However you can still leave ADI-2 DAC connected also via USB to your computer. It can coexist with AIO drivers and you can simply select particular ASIO driver in each application and switch appropriate input (either USB or digital IN with AIO) at DAC.

The another option for combination, and maybe a bit versatile with interfacing, is Babyface Pro. It roughly for the same price as AIO, but you'd get also portable interface, you can use solo somewhere outside of you PC with notebook or iPad and mainly you'd get four inputs (two balanced mic/line XLRs and two unbalanced TS jacks, where you can connect guitars, synths and likes), whereas AIO has only line two inputs. ADI-2 can be there connected via optical SPDIF.
Babyface Pro shares the same driver installer with ADI-2 DAC. I have never tried both at one computer, however I do believe it would be working the same way as with HDSPe. If I recall that correctly, ASIO dirver for DAC is called "ASIO MADIface USB" and for Babyface it's "ASIO Fireface USB", which is important to be able to switch outputs to different interface, when both are connected via USB. If you would like to be 100% sure about that, ask support or at RME forum.

Thank you very much for your time and help!

I'm using my destkop PC and studio monitors at one place, so the scenario with AIO would fit me more i think.

Also I guess AIO would lower the latency much more rather than Babyface Pro, which is cool for me.

So Am I correct with having ADI-2 DAC + AIO, I can set the drivers to AIO in DAW and in foobar and in other sources I can set them to to ADI-2 DAC USB and it would work without any problems, so when I want to produce I just switch to COAX on ADI remote, when I want to play music or do whatever Im switching to USB and that's all?