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Old 11th October 2019
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Apple used to charge more than a 100$ for new versions of Mac OSX, then they started giving it away for free ( that started under Steve Jobs, before he died ), Logic used to cost almost 1000$ for the full package when it was under the Emagic label, then Apple bought the company ( and killed the PC version) and now you buy it for 200$ and you get free updates for almost decades, The iWork suite is now free, etc..

There is no way a normal software company could survive doing that. A big hardware company ( which is what Apple really is ) can afford to give away the software to make the hardware even more enticing, especially when the software is exclusive to that platform ( they killed the PC versions for Logic, Shake, etc..). And developping a computer operating system or a complex software like Logic isn't cheap..
Thank you. It's really good reasoning and your theory is likely to be correct, your repeated use of the word fact made me curious if it was based on specific knowledge.