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Greetings, Pieter

Jacques Sax told me he will be at his booth on THURS and FRI. And I will spend some time there as well. I am not working for Sonosax; but rather having cameraderie there.

I had a mail from their new customer relations man, Fabrice, and he told me that the M2D2 will be shipping mid November. I have one on order. It is not subject to the patent dispute, so will be a full fat version with 135dB dynamic range.

I will use it as an interface to my iphone and also as an extra converter for the line ins on the R4+. And, once I get the hang of it, probably pressed into service for other good uses.
Excellent news, all around. Thank you!

I guessed the visit was mostly about camaraderie. That's the best!

My local Sonosax dealer has it listed now, but no way to order yet. Perhaps I'll stop by and see if I can order it in advance. They're big fans of the Sonosax program in general, and I know they'll be keen to get them in as soon as possible.

Thanks again!