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actually the title says:

I once started a thread with the actual title and then I wrote "the title says it all". And it got deleted by the moderators! As you might guess, I am still sore about it.

I have used the "analog" ART, and it was not bad at all, IMO. You can run it pretty clean.

On the cheap end, there’s a DBX 386 with AES and s/pdif on eBay right now for $220. The Zoom U44 has s/pdif out. Aphex IN 2 on Amazon for $200 has s/pdif.

On the pricier side, the ISA one and the JZ Microphones Flamingo both have an A/D card available.

If you have some decent preamps "lying around", you could also get a basic line to AES converter. Check out the Guramex, AJA (ADA4).
Hello, thanks for the ideas !
The Sebatron and Sytek are actually great
Syteks are found in Neotek consoles, they're the bread and butter at Electrical Audio (Steve Albini's studio)
Very clean, distortion free, yet not sterile.
Sebs = high voltage quality tube amp design, versatile, big & 3D with lots of mojo.
Both are used in the studio where I work along Neves Api Millenia ... they just don't carry the big name tags.

A stereo converter is not going to cut it as I am looking for 2 more pres on top of what I already have, for sessions with 10 simultaneous tracks.

I owned an ART DPS years ago, found them unusable when you need lots of gain for acoustic stuff (which is what I do) Dbx where not much better.
Maybe you're talking about the ART MPA?
On the other hand Audient pres sound pretty good to my ears (maybe nothing special but good) and the mico can be found for 250 here, that includes AD, and a phase knob that can be handy.

The ISA is indeed an option although there's still one pre missing, sound quality is great though. Easy to resell.

The JZ Flamingo is mono and the AD is an only an option ...or did I miss something?

A second hand Mico seems like the most cost effective option...yet I am not sure about its conversion quality.
The ULN2 solution is also a great one : not discontinued, upgradable and I already have a Metric Halo System.How do the pres fare on the ULN2?