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Well, I have converted FOA recordings to multichannel by using the Rode Soundfield free plugin,

but that is not exactly the same you want to do. In your case you want to master your mix in ambisonics and convert from there.

In my (so far, short) experience, I would do a 5.1 plus a binaural mix, no conversions. Ambisonics translates well to binaural/headphones, after all that´s how people are going to listen to it.
When converted to 5.1, most the 3D immersion gets lost.

I like to use Dear VR Pro, as it has reverbs built in, but at the moment it only outputs to either binaural, ambisonics or 2 ch speakers. However, there´s a new version coming soon at the AES show, that it will allow 5.1 and beyond. Check it out, there´s a 30 day trial: