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The title says it all:
actually the title says:
Best affordable stereo mic pre with AES or Spdif out ?
I once started a thread with the actual title
"it all"
and then I wrote "the title says it all". And it got deleted by the moderators! As you might guess, I am still sore about it.

No Art DPS or the like that's too cheap sounding IMHO
I have used the "analog" ART, and it was not bad at all, IMO. You can run it pretty clean.

On the cheap end, there’s a DBX 386 with AES and s/pdif on eBay right now for $220. The Zoom U44 has s/pdif out. Aphex IN 2 on Amazon for $200 has s/pdif.

On the pricier side, the ISA one and the JZ Microphones Flamingo both have an A/D card available.

If you have some decent preamps "lying around", you could also get a basic line to AES converter. Check out the Guramex, AJA (ADA4).

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