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Best affordable stereo mic pre with AES or Spdif out ?

The title says it all: I need an extra mic pre 2ch, need it quick for a project so I can't save too much money...I don't mind the flavor :
colored or clean, solid state or tube, but it needs to be a step up from the average audio interface internal pres.
No Art DPS or the like that's too cheap sounding IMHO.
I'm thinking more like Audient Mico, Apogee, focusrite ISA, WARM audio (but these don't have digital out)
New or second hand..between 500 and 800
(I'd give a 1000 for an API A2D :-) )

Any Idea ?

My interface takes both AES or Spdif (it's a Metric Halo 2882 2D)

Thanks in advance guys !

PS. mic pres I already own :
- Sebatron vmp4000 4ch tube pre
- Sytek 4ch