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I am very confused at the moment, I have produced for artists like 50 cent, Copywrite, DephyChyld but since joining online leasing website such as BeatStars and TrakTrain I am struggling to get plays and followers despite constant promotion and making all beats free.

Would any of you be so kind to check my profile and peep the 9 beats I uploaded and tell me if they suck? Maybe I need to change my production style.

In 3 months I gained 2 followers and only got 2 more today totalling 4 and until yesterday I was 91 plays, today has reached almost 200 but no leases or messages.

Thanks in advance.
Not a beatmaker, just an engineer, so I won't comment on the musical ideas.
So, reverbs are too long or too loud, you can easily discenr the reverb from the track, you should mostly use them as a way to put things back or forward and create space, not as an effect.

Sounds are too dark and percussive instruments not punchy enough.

Learn to remove low mid muddiness created by conflicting tracks.
You may need to use EQs for that, or maybe change the length of the notes played by some instruments, also use automation for bringing things up and down in different moments.

You need to master those beats to higher average level, as they are too quiet now and people that don't know much about the technical aspect of making music will just think it's weak.