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There are definite tiers or "levels" to studio monitors.

The low tier, would include things like Kali Audio, JBL LSR305, Rokit 5. Of those I've only owned the JBL but I would love to evaluate the other two since they have good reputations.

To answer the question specifically there are some audible artifacts to the LSR305 sound. Kind of a murky low end, some weirdness in the mids, slight grain in the top. In a treated room you would hear this if you did an A/B to an "expensive" set of monitors.

If your room is treated, you have been doing this for a few years, then it might be time to upgrade your monitor path. This includes speakers, DAC, monitor controller. It can get expensive pretty quickly. But after saying that, it might be the best money you'll ever spend on your studio. The other being front end (microphones, mic preamps, good DI boxes.) And instruments / sound makers.

When you remove audible artifacts from your monitor path, what you are hearing is your own mix more clearly, less obfuscated by spurious sounds and tonal anomalies. Sort of like cleaning off a pair of glasses or something, or getting a better prescription. It's a decent metaphor.

To drive the point home, my Focal monitors and my specialized DAC and monitor controller, feel like every dollar invested has been more than worth it, I cherish them every day, even after having them a while. The monitor path is truly critical. Literally everything you record has to come back through this path. If you do this a lot, it's worthwhile to "spoil" yourself. Or to put it more accurately, to give yourself the basic sound experience that you deserve.

It may take some time to develop your ears, so in a sense you will "know" when it's time to upgrade. When you feel yourself fighting the sound, or when your mixes aren't translating, those are cues to think about changing your setup.