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Originally Posted by Derek Reese View Post
Gik has a DIY section and these recommend 702’s ?
So why wouldn’t they work ?
As I understood it you were just taking the 702s (hard pressed insulation squares) and just wrapping them with fabric.

The traps with a moving membrane actually dissipate the energy of the bass wave by causing the bass waves to move the membrane, then travel through an air pocket and finally to your rigid insulation board.

As well if you make these type traps around the 4x8 ft dimensions they become a broad band trap, meaning anything with a lot of energy is going to be tamed.

Over the years here is one thing I have learned.
1. I swear I will never ever renovate another studio
2. You want your live room and your control room lively

The broad band traps let you brighten up the room, like throw the area rug away please, and not suffer from any standing waves or runaway nodes.

A big misconception about treating a room is placing absorption all around the place. All that does is suck all the high end out of the room.

Why does your guitar sound great in your untreated bedroom but radically different in the studio?
Resonance. You see if you tack up a bunch of absorption then you don’t have any natural bounce back in your room.

Instruments like acoustic guitars, violins, drums all need some reflection to sound right and to not freak out the players. So you don’t want to deaden your room, you want to control it.

Broad band traps and slat style diffusers I spoke about earlier, can make all the difference. There is so much other practical tips to share. If you want to know more, like the old mirror trick, let me know.