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Strange AmbiX Binaural Decoding Problem


first of all: This is my first post on gearslutz so hi!

Now for my post. I have a pretty peculiar immersive audio problem. But first some backstory. We are delivering ambisonics files (among others e.g. stereo/mono) for an immersive installation. We give the company that manages the technical side of things our files and they then implement them into the system using Wwise and Unity. The content is then decoded to binaural and the visitors listen to it on headphones.

During an on-site test of the system a few days back we noticed that the output of the respective ambisonics files (just those - the delivered mono/stereo content was fine) sounded very thin and phasey. The technical company asked for 2nd Order AmbiX which we produced using the FB360 Suite in Nuendo. When monitoring through the FB360 Control “Decode Binaural”-Function everything sounds normal but on their system it’s a whole different story.

I have uploaded a snippet of the audio in the exact format we have delivered (2OA AmbiX) and a binaural reference mix (Stereo - using the FB HRTF) that showcases how it’s supposed to sound.
If any of you guys could download that, give it a listen/analyse it and see if there’s anything unusual about it, that would help a lot!!

Link to that:

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Appendix/Some clues I have already gathered:
- When loading an exported 9-channel AmbiX into Nuendo and using the onboard AmbiDecoder the binauralised output only sounds “right” when choosing the Facebook-HRTF. The standard HRTF produces a sound similar to what their on-site system produces when fed with the AmbiX.
- The company we deliver the files to wasn’t sure wether AmbiX or FuMa would be the best format. One theory was that this could be the reason for the broken sound. I’m not so sure because afaik that would only distort the spatial representation and not the sound. They are currently testing this and I will update this thread once I have news on it.
- I have also posted this question in the FB360 support group on facebook: https://www.*********************audi...320092?sfns=mo

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