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Old 9th October 2019
Here for the gear

I found this thread because I've been a proud Radial Twin Servo 500 owner for over a year and have been looking...and looking...for another unit to come up used so I can have a stereo pair, and not only do they never come up used, hardly anybody is even selling them new anymore! I agree $1k is a lot, though I was able to snag my first one for $800 as a demo, which I think is reasonable compared to your other 500 series pre classics used (1073, 512V, TG2).

Sad to hear about basswriter's QC experience--I've never had an issue with mine (or any of my other Radial DI, Reamp, 500 series module/rack gear). As someone who's worked in manufacturing quality, QC is part of the deal and it's all about how you address issues when you find them rather than expecting to never have a defect...obviously better to find it before it's in the customer's hands though, yikes!

The Radial Twin Servo is hands down my favorite pre for that fat, pristine, noise-free sound. I do a ton of DI guitar for later reamping and the Twin Servo is still my go-to, in spite of thinking I might switch to the AEA just sounds fatter, and great on mics, too, of course.

I hadn't heard about Hairball yet, so count me intrigued, especially about the Lola, since it's also dual op amp. Hmm!