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I bought a new Buchla Music Easel a few months ago and received it in a couple weeks. So the wait time isn't that bad anymore.

My only complaint is build quality - the wire that solders the spring reverb to the rest of the unit was not soldered. so I contacted Buchla and they told me the spring reverb almost always comes broken and they sent me a new spring reverb and directions of how to replace it myself. Since I am not technical enough to fix it myself I got a pro to do it and when he opened it up my reverb wasn't broken, Buchla just forgot to solder the wire.

Another complaint on build quality is my touch keyboard module sometimes isn't responsive and I need to turn the Buchla off and back on to get it to be responsive. it doesn't happen often, but I noticed start happening after owning it for a week or two.

It sounds INCREDIBLE!!! I love owning a Buchla but when people complain about the build quality I can see why. My Buchla along with my tape echo delay are the two most finicky items I own in my studio.