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Here for the gear

Scammed by Jason Sole Waveformless

Hi Slutz,

First post here which I should have done a long time ago.

Not sure if I'm posting in the right area but anyway here goes.

I live in Japan and make a living from selling gear, mostly analog synths.

Back in 2016 I found Jason Sole from Waveformless who appeared to be a legitimate seller and repairman of the kinds of things I dealt with.

After chewing the fat with him over the phone I decided to send him a bunch of Juno's on consignment to see how he did with them.

He got off to a flying start, paid me promptly after deducting his commission so I began to send him more gear.

After about six months, the payments became less frequent, and the communication back and forth deteriorated to the point where I was exposed to about 50,000 usd worth of inventory.

I tried to maintain a cool head when dealing with him and he would send me inconsequential amounts of money from time to time despite selling the gear which I could see on eBay.

Over the course of about a year he told me lie after lie as to why he couldn't pay until I started to get aggressive with him as the money I had tied up was taking its toll on my marriage at the time.

He finally send back some items to me which arrived and were butchered beyond belief.

I managed to have some of it returned to future music in LA where I was told that the space echoes had all their motors ripped out of them, parts which are unobtainable to buy.

I received back, four Juno's which were raided for parts, 3 heavily molested CS-10's and a bunch of Tascam MTR's.

He still owes me over $2,000 for items that sold but we're not paid, and never returned a CS-30, RS-202, 4 pairs of Yamaha NS-10m monitors, JD-800, about 5 90's era Korgs and a variety of other pieces.

Does anyone know how I can contact this clown or what he's doing now?

He's blocked me on fb but being the vindictive and spiteful person I am, I would like nothing more than to exact my revenge on him by calling an employer out if the blue.

I've already resigned myself to the fact that I won't see any of the gear or money again.

Since then I have read scores of posts from people in the Bay Area who have had similar things happen to them but I think in terms of financial loss I would be his biggest victim.

Would be grateful if anyone knows him it has any input.

Cheers from Tokyo