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due to my recent divorce ive had to sell every guitar except my telecaster with joe bardens and my 000-18. I have a partscaster project ive laying around mim body reverse head stock warmoth neck. all that's needed are electronics. and a good trem. my local tech said he can convert it to a two post or get a good replacement drop in. like a wilkenson. also ive been looking at preloaded everything axe setups. any other suggestions
I presume you are after the SS setup? You could also specify what sound you are after, whether you want Classic, hot, micro-humbucker, noiseless..
Best noiseless from experience are Kinman, Fralin and Mojotone Quite Coil. They give you a close to classic strat tone with a reduced nise level.
My favourite classic strat pickups are made by Kline, David Allen, Don Mare, Amalfitano, Arcane and possibly Sheptone. For hotter Classic pickups look at Bare knuckles and maybe Lollar. Note that prices vary between manufacturers. David Allen give you the best bang for your buck. One lesser known classic pickup maker for classic tones is Sandford Magnetics (from Canada). Check them out.
For micro-humbackers check out the dual-rails from David Allen or Lollar, or if you are that way inclined the rang from Seymour duncan.
Wilkinson trems are ok-ish. Have a look at Gotoh, More expensive Fender and Callaham (best). Wudtone make a nice trem but its not entirely classic.
If you are looking for a lockable trem, someone here can give you advice on the best ones. I hate them, as they are alot of trouble and require routing.