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I am not a fan of DIed acoustic guitar recordings, because a few minutes, a good room, and a coupla-three well placed mics give you SO MUCH MORE TO WORK WITH, but...

I definitely recognize the value of DIed "placeholder tracks" on the way to a finished recording...
I also recently learned the value of treating those DI tracks somewhat seriously and getting them as dialed in as you can, even if you have no intention of keeping them. Had this band in who plays live all the time, had the arrangements down cold, all that. It turns out that they'd spent so much time shaping the rest of what they did around the sound of that DI guitar, that when they took the tracks elsewhere and tried to swap in a "properly recorded" acoustic, everything fell apart.

I'm hearing this second-hand, not a participant. And I'm sure there's a good chance that it'll get finished with the miked guitar in spite of all that. But I hope not.

I can't post any of it because it's not released. Wish I could, some of it's brilliant.