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Mixing a non-VR video podcast in Ambisonics?

I'm working on a project that is made for headphones but needs to be delivered secondarily to 5.1 surround.

I figure my best bet is to mix on headphones natively in Pro Tools to Ambisonics (3rd order?) and then convert later to binaural stereo as well as 5.1 surround. Is there a simple way to do this conversion?

I will be creating all the soundscapes myself with mono and stereo files and panning everything around in the 360 space.

It's basically an immersive podcast but it does have a non-VR video that plays with it, so no there will be no headtracking.

I have access to Spatial Audio Workstation and Waves B360 but not sure which one I prefer. I like the Waves B360 spherical panner. Any caveats I should know about with either?

Has anyone done this workflow before? Am I approaching this correctly?
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