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Here for the gear

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The SPS200 has only become a good tool by using good preamps followed by the Harpex. The 4 caps by Haun in Germany are certainly not bad, but the 4 larger caps in the ST450 are so much closer to each other, that I am still contemplating to update to the ST450. However, I would first make sure that I would get the cabling to go straight from the ST450 into some good preamp. Otherwise the advantage of the better mic gets lost in the Soundfield preamp.
I have the ST450 MkII and the SPS200, to my ears the SPS200 sounds better.

IMMO a big upgrade for the 450 would be get rid the A to B box (Maybe retain the original box for the power supply and make a box before for get the A components). Or in Rode/Soundfield zone, they could develop a new portable digital box for the ST350/450 users (Like DSF1), the size of the capsules are very similar in the SPS200 and ST350/450