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Originally posted by RSMITH123
Major Tom to Ground Control:

If you haven't spent an hr with a POD to see what it can really do, you might consider it.
I bought one when they came out and sold it. I also have Ampfarm in my PT and never use it. I don't know, there's something that's really annoying me with the sound you get out of those... I much prefer the Sansamp PSA-1 as a general-purpose distortion unit. (The hardware one of course! But even the plug-in is more useful to me than Ampfarm. Go figure...) I admit that to work out song ideas at home the POD can be really useful though. I don't see why you need a zillion sounds when playing live... A couple of fuzz options and 2-3 overdrives (including amps) seems about fine to me. And if you do all out rock, you really just need 2 sounds...