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The default parameter orders didn't seem very sensible to me. I can't remember the orginal settings but they generally felt random.
They are random. Things that belong on buttons end up on faders and vice versa. Open up the plist files and you can see there is no rhyme or reason to the order.

It's not just Logic and AU pliugins that have this problem, I first saw it with Ableton Live, which can display a plugin's parameter list on-screen. Oddly enough the same plugin in VST version loaded into Live had a different parameter order than the AU version!

The parameters are only there to support automation and manual MIDI mapping. Any parameter not found in the list cannot be automated...waveform shape in RetroSynth, for instance.

There is nothing in the VST or AU protocols requiring parameters to be in a specific order. Nothing in NI's NKS protocol either.