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Man... I've been waiting on the new iSK Vibrato so long it's insane. Any updates on the delayed shipment @ Kris.15Khz ?

In a response email a little bit ago, Kris said this: “I actually don't have much information about this mic. What I do know is that the capsule is a 18mm pure aluminum true condenser (not back electret), and the sound quality out performs the BM-900. It will come with a shockmount, and pop filter. It's grey in color, and the exterior design is like a miniature U87. You had previously asked about modding the BM-900, and I think the Vibrato might be a even better candidate.”

I don’t think he’d mind me posting this. It’s just general info that helps boost awareness for this product.

I for one am very happy to see it’s a smaller sized diaphragm and apparently made of a different material than the standards. Reminds me of a combo of what Kel did with small diaphragms and what SE Electronics is doing with metallergy and capsule development.

In terms of the body shape - the mini ‘87 most likely will be that of an iSK BM-900 or BM-800. The one that looks like the Mic Parts S-25, the Roswell K47, iSK BM-800, etc...

I’m surprised it’s not an electret capsule as the BM-900 uses one, and the capsule not being gold or platinum makes me think of an electric capsule?

Also - cannot say this enough - the iSK Pearl placed above your kick drum and pointed barely down to your knees/almost the pedal’s beater with the capsule’s trajectory aimed diagonally towards your snare drum. Do that ****. Do that and put up a stereo OH mic pair, a snare mic and a kick mic. 5 mic’s total. You’ll be astounded. In fact, I’m buying 2 more Pearl’s to see if they can record my kick drum , the center of my kit, and the snare, and leave the OH’s to my OPR 84’s, or CAD D82 ribbon/CAD M39 USA Mid-Side Stereo set up pair.

That’s all for now, folks!

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