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Maybe as a kickstarter supporter they would provide an early access period. Basically letting those that 'helped' get the gear use their rent credit before placing the unit live to the masses?

I get their point from a business standpoint. Scale over time based on actual sales...or scale faster by pre-sale of rental time. Definitely interesting to see how it unfolds.

BTW. I think these guys have a franchise that can be deployed. I wouldn't be surprised to see manufacturers of gear and even retailers getting in on this. As a guitarist, I would love to connect to an Amp Room and DITCH THE SIMS!!!
Yes. A simple idea is to convert any kickstarter contributions into equivalent credit for Access Analog service. Our rate is $10/hour. If you contribute $40 to kickstarter, you get 4 hours credit. We could tie it just to the new box being purchased, but it is just as easy to give 4 hours of general credit for any box.

It is basically the same if we just collect our normal revenue through our site, and reinvest it in gear decided by polling. The only difference is the user is paying to use equipment now instead of later. If you take into account the kickstarter fees of 8% to 10%, then maybe it is not such a great idea. Kickstarter would bring focus to the new gear being purchased, but not much else. I don't think they bring any audience. It's like getting a gig at a bring your own audience .

We have discussed the franchise idea with various entities and received enough interest that we designed it into our system. If you use our plugin, you will see a server drop down box. It only has our one server right now, but everything is set in software for the plugin to connect to more servers than can be anywhere in the world. Potential franchisees can contact us at [email protected]