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+1, think this is a better idea. Although I'm still undecided about the whole kickstarter thing. On one hand you (may) get the gear faster, on the other hand we (the customers) would be buying the gear we wanted to rent time with. Feels a bit weird. Not sure yet :¬)
Maybe as a kickstarter supporter they would provide an early access period. Basically letting those that 'helped' get the gear use their rent credit before placing the unit live to the masses?

I get their point from a business standpoint. Scale over time based on actual sales...or scale faster by pre-sale of rental time. Definitely interesting to see how it unfolds.

BTW. I think these guys have a franchise that can be deployed. I wouldn't be surprised to see manufacturers of gear and even retailers getting in on this. As a guitarist, I would love to connect to an Amp Room and DITCH THE SIMS!!!