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Those illuminated gobos are beautiful. Great idea with the built in illumination.
One newbie question: won’t the wooden parts create lots of early reflections?

All the clouds/panels/gobos that have the slats will be positioned so they are reflecting away from the listening position or so the speaker directivity will minimize the amount of sound from the speakers that's hitting the slats. The 4x8 wood panels are above the clouds there- the purpose of that is going to require a bit of a lengthy explanation that I'll get into when I can post measurements.

But also the widest slats are 8" so reflecting only ~1.7kHz and above. Worse case scenario if there does end up being some ERs from them, those frequencies can be treated easily.

My main speakers have very controlled directivity from the Schroeder freq all the way up as well so there is much less sound going to the sides and off axis in general compared to typical direct radiating types.

In the control rooms the purpose is to have pleasing reflections for talking and self noises, the capability to make sure that HF decay times aren't too short, but still have very minimal ERs.