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I have Ozone 8 Advanced (and the Music Production Suite 2) and it's showing $299 for me to upgrade to Ozone 9 Advanced. It's actually showing me a cheaper path with the Music Production Suite upgrade at $249.

I'm seriously questioning the value of this upgrade at the $150 price people here are mentioning, but it's surely not worth $299 to me.

- I can do the mix rebalance for vocal/bass/drums in RX7 Standard.
- The low end focus can be worked out with the mask EQ tools.
- There was a match EQ feature before, no? (Maybe thinking of another plug I own.)

Although it would be handy to have these in the plugin, they're still tools I have from iZotope.
You're so right.

I have used Izotope products since the beginning, I even have the old Soundforge tools which still sound great, but recently took the Ozone route at my own studio, then bagged the MPS2.1.

Maybe someone from Izotope can comment here on the MP Suite crazy price as I just don't get it.

They sell the whole MP Suite as being a way to save money with updates and upgrades. It would appear this is not true. Glad I purchased on my Credit Card.