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Having ozone 7 to 8. Msp 1 and 2.i am totally lost in the over convoluted packages and additional releases with vocal synth And neutron erc They really need to clean up their bundles and upgrade paths. It seems to straddle and be expensive.
Starting to wonder if they're in financial troubles or struggling with their market share.
I just get the impression they've lost sight of their pricing and packaging.
Maybe I'm wrong. But I cannot get my head around it. Do pass on the upgrade.
There certainly needs to be a far more organised structure as to what they do with their "Suites".

Edit: Some third party sellers like Plugin Boutque have these on sale now until end of the month. It works out cheaper to buy from PB than in my Izotope Loyalty pricing area. Probably best to see what other third party sellers are offering over next few days.