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Here for the gear

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You should just be able to place a mic (lets say, AKG D112) near the bass drum, and raise the level til it's somewhat heard. Leave the eq alone (if possible on that board)..I always left all eq neutral (off) on my CFX12 until I was able to replace it with a mixer that has no eq. Anyway, if you have unwanted boominess, just engage the "low cut" switch on the kick-drum mic channel's a typical high-pass filter than tapers signal starting at around 100 Hz.
Thank you I will give it a try.

The other thing that may not be helping is that the 2 speakers (Peavey Hisys 6 XT) which according to the manual is no good for responses below 100hz.

It mentions that for resposes below that you would need to add a sub.

Thanks for your time and advice.