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They cut out Matching EQ option from Ozone 9 Equalizer module, and made it less functional... Downgrading EQ module is such a great marketing decision!
In Ozone 9 Advanced, the Match EQ module has been totally revamped, and allows you to use this module by itself without the EQ Module.
And the Total Balance Control has been improved to make it easier to find your target sound.

I've been a user of Ozone since version 6. I just downloaded Version 9 and have only spent a few minutes with it. But I've been watching all the new tutorial videos and new feature videos to get better acquainted with it.

I think it's worth the $150 upgrade for previous users. Many more features, and they say it has improved performance. Which brings me to my final observation (for now)

I've noticed that going from Ozone 7 to 8, there was a noticeable increase in system resources. And it appears from the few minutes I spent with Ozone 9, it's even more of a resource hog than 7 or 8. I had a simple 4 track song, EZ Drums, two Kontakt tracks with bass and guitar, and Blue3 Hammond Organ.

When I plugged in Ozone9, and selected one of the presets, which used only 4 modules, I was getting a whole lot of clicking and popping on playback.
Even though I have a powerful DAW machine (Intel i7-5820k with 32 GB of ram), and it's configured to give me optimal performance, I was surprised to hear so much clicking and popping.

I'm running the latest version of Windows 10, but there is a note on the Izotope website that Ozone 9 does have issues with Windows 10 Version 1903, OS Build 18362.356 (which is what I have), saying that there might be crashes when you open up Ozone 9. I haven't had any crashes, but that issue might be related. Hopefully that will be updated and fixed soon.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the upgrade. For now I can get around the clicking and popping by freezing a couple of my tracks.