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Originally Posted by doom64 View Post
A Kickstarter would work for me. Maybe take a poll here and on other message boards then do it per gear?

More gear suggestions:

dbx 160 (ideally) or 160A
Kush Audio Clariphonic
Gates (or Retro Instruments) STA Level

PYE Compressor (or clone )

500 series
Neve 1073 LB
Trident A-Range EQ
API 560

Question for you: How exactly is your matrix setup? When I reserve more than one hardware piece, are there multiple A/D to D/A conversions? If so, how many?
Cool thanks for the suggestions! We're definitely planning on continuing to add equipment to the Analog Matrix, and Kickstarter might be a great path to expediting our growth!

Our current setup sends the signal out of the Aurora (n) to the first piece of hardware you you chose, back to the Aurora (n) then out to the second piece of hardware and back to the Aurora (n) etc. So there is an A/D D/A trip for each piece of equipment. We settled on this configuration to allow the most flexibility, but are considering some digitally-controlled audio switching options like Flock in the future and we may even offer preset hardwired chains. We did some blind A/B tests between hardwired connections and the extra A/D/D/A and found the Aurora (n) to be so transparent that we couldn't hear the difference. DM us if you're curious for more info on this.