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How would you guys feel about an Access Analog Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of the gear you are requesting? You could invest and receive hours on the equipment as your reward.... could help us expand the Analog Matrix at a faster rate with the most desired equipment

API 5500 is going live next week in the Analog Matrix! And we've got more new gear in the works....stay tuned!
A Kickstarter would work for me. Maybe take a poll here and on other message boards then do it per gear?

More gear suggestions:

dbx 160 (ideally) or 160A
Kush Audio Clariphonic
Gates (or Retro Instruments) STA Level

PYE Compressor (or clone )

500 series
Neve 1073 LB
Trident A-Range EQ
API 560

Question for you: How exactly is your matrix setup? When I reserve more than one hardware piece, are there multiple A/D to D/A conversions? If so, how many?

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