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Here for the gear

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Thanks for connecting! We did have an issue with the camera on the G Comp meter - it's fixed now, compressor was working fine, just a little hiccup on the camera that tracks the needle. We'll send you a coupon for some free time so you can try again.

Tip: if something seems off - hit the 'Reset' button in the top right hand corner to clear the stream and refresh the connection to the server. You can also disconnect and reconnect.

We currently do not have a way to bypass a single piece of equipment in the chain, although we are working on metering, bypass and possibly wet/dry blend as an option between each piece of gear. If you are doing A/B testing - click the '+' sign next to the reset menu and create your own preset for that device - makes it easy to recall when switching devices around. For perspective- think of how much easier this is than managing a patch bay and manually changing settings!

Also - use the wet/dry blend knob for easy comparisons - that's the best way to bypass the processing quickly.

Hope this helps - feel free to email or DM us with any questions!

Very kind of you to offer a coupon! I will take another look but count on continued support here.

I did end up resetting a couple times.

I won't argue that this is definitely more convenient than real life but I really appreciate the ability to A/B easily in the digital world, so it was just a question in taking things to the next level, and specifically routing in/around a single piece rather than the entire chain. I did use the wet/dry knob which is great. Additional metering for gain staging in/out would be great to round out that feature. Good to know you're looking further at this.

I did have one last question - I tried moving the active plugin onto a different channel in Logic Pro X and down a place or two within the channelstrip itself (to play with gain staging prior to) and both times the plugin reset and I lost the chain/settings I had setup and had to sign into my session again. Is this expected behavior? Either way would be good to know that once the plugin is running don't touch it or you will have to start over from scratch.