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EQ Kick Drum On Mackie CFX12


Firstly I am a complete novie with Mixing Desks and EQ.

My daughter (15) (Drummer) has started a band and has inherited a Mackie CFX12 withan AMP and 2 Peavey speakers.

She has also aquired a set of drum mics.

The problem I have is getting a decent kick sound from the Mackie.

I have read many articles saying which frequncies to boost or cut but the issue I have with the Mackie is that it only has a high frequency 12k dial a low frequncy 80hz dial and then a mid dial which is 2 dials one that sets the frequency from 100hz to 8k and the second dial which sets the +- DB for this dial.

The problem is that with the mid I can only set 1 frequncy and then boost or cut this frequncy and the arcticles I have read suggest boosting or cutting certain frequencies within the 100hz to 8k range.

I have got the low cut turned off for the kick drum channel.

Also which is the best kick drum mic placement for a good all round live sound (the group generaky play covers from oasis, arctic monkeys, muse etc and consist or drummer, vocalist, bass guitar, lead guitar. they are generaly playing indoors in pubs etc)

I would love some advice as to how to set the 4 dials for a good low kick sound.

Many thanks for your time.