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Selecting a 500 series rack


I’m currently looking to add a few 500 series pieces to my production set up, mostly all OTB.

This will mostly be to patch in on tracking my synths into my Akai force and in mixbus from my board, focusrite control 2802, into my Mac.

The gear I’m looking to add are an elysia xfilter, xpressor, and Karakter, so that leaves me a 6 slot rack needed. I do have the mixbus compressor built in to the board, which is pretty much identical to the audient as it is their design. Would this make the xpressor redundant? My budget is limited and plan to buy on reverb, and just want a handful of high quality pieces of stuff to work with. If you have any other suggestions for stuff other than the elysia, I’d be open to hearing them as well. But mostly my question is on compatible racks to hold 3 two unit size 500 units. I’m not sure all cases are compatible with them.