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OK, watching

How do you connect in terms of interface/cabling to the soundbars and what player are you using that can decode the MP? Or is it the soundbar builtin decoder?

I´ve just read an article about Atmos reproduction at a home level, that objects are only preserved through HDMI, optical SPDIF would break the objects metadata. Any experiences on this? Thanks
My limited experience so far in this domain is playing an MP4 file back on the device itself. The soundbar or whatever is doing the decoding. So for example, putting an MP4 on a USB flash drive and sticking that in the USB port of a home theater receiver. Or loading the MP4 onto an Xbox. S/PDIF is way too old a format to handle this. And I believe (but don't quote me on this), that HDMI required an update before it could handle immersive audio. So we're really talking about a Dolby Digital compatible audio file, not a digital audio transport mechanism.