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Total BS.

Chicken pickin' is ALL IN THE DAMN FINGERS, it has nothing whatsoever to do with "plugin" crap. None of that garbage even existed when chicken pickin' was developed or perfected.

When I was a kid in Oklahoma hanging out at the local guitar store I used to watch the older guys chicken pickin their asses off with nothing but a guitar and amp. THAT'S ALL YOU REALLY NEED - IF YOU CAN PLAY!

And if you can't play THAT WAY no amount of processing, either ITB or OTB will do it for you.

SHADDUP AND LEARN TO PLAY THE DAMN GUITAR! Or go look at cat pictures on Farcebook.

If you're talking about TONE, all you need is a Telecaster (a real one, no humbuckers) or a vintage Gretsch and a (traditional design) Fender amp. That's ALL, besides being able to master the technique. But you can use the technique on most anything, from a Gibson acoustic to a jazz box ( which many early country pickers favored.)
Lol what an old guard cliché dude get lost already. Your stuff's not even worth reading past the first sentence. You're essentially coming into a thread where someone's asking what's the best burger place and you're running on like a drunken hobo about how they need to learn to make neapolitan pizza. I don't respect you. I only checked this thread again because I saw a notification.. my bad lol.
Gearslutz ain't changed a bit man lol (some of you were cool)