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Old 1st October 2019
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I have to tell you this thing is not ready for release. If you examine carefully, it looks like the plugin doesn't report DAWs how much delay compensation has to be done. And when you put it on send, you get something like a comp effect. I was really happy to try it and I'm very worried from experience I don't think they are going to fix it anytime soon. It doesn't change the fact they are changing their name. It won't change their personality. From experience Propellerhead they don't care. They will make me wait another 5 years for such a fix to come. To be honest I don't care about Scream in fact from memory I love their SSL. mercurial lab has great free distortion plugins and I can use any of them and be happy add klanghelm plugin and the world is yours. This plugin the integration is not tight. For some reason they were in a hurry to release it. Before you load anything it causes some type of delay man. This is is a VST world we are talking about not Reason world. There should be a button to multi output the Kong or Redrum manually dragging cables is a waste of time and still that doesn't work in my end anyway.