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I don't claim to be the expert in all this, but making the EC3 file is a necessary step. It is DD+JOC, and objects are definitely preserved. There is some object-grouping going on (the DAPS (Dolby Atmos Production Suite) manual goes into this), but it sounds fine. My file is very similar to what I believe Netflix is doing.

Binaural output on mobile platforms is rendered on the fly. I haven't done extensive comparison between the direct binaural output from DAPS and for example my Xbox, but when I tested it, it sounded good. I do need to do more listening tests of binaural.

Actually that link is to an Atmos encoded MP4. The record store didn't know what department to put it in, so they added it to the FLAC multichannel section, even though it's not FLAC and not a fixed number of channels.

Yes, you can take this file and play it on your phone in stereo (or binaural on the newer phones). You can put it on a USB stick and plug it in to your home theater receiver and it will play as Atmos. You can play it on your Xbox, and you can play it in 5.1 on any computer connected to a 5.1 system. I don't know about VLC, but Dolby's entire intention with this format is to avoid that kind of geeky route. The idea is that it will be easy for the consumer.

I'll make another one with some intellectual property that I own and share a download link here. Maybe this weekend I'll have time to do that. More soon on all the topics above.
This is brilliant