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Teenagers and children.

There is a reason that pop music is so youth culture obsessed. They are the easiest to market to.

That is why 17 year olds with faces that look like a scribbled on school binder seem to define the culture these days.
To an extent it has always been that way, but like anything else that is driven by market forces it keeps trending toward the extreme. Younger and more irreverent perpetually equals better and more exciting to the point of absurdity.

Anyway, that is slightly off topic. My point is that very young people are targeted by these marketing campaigns because they are not the savviest consumers. They are relatively easy to get hyped up over something and they are more likely to make poor desicions like paying money in advance for something that is not in any way limited in quantities and which is of unknown quality and usefulness to them.

I remember when I was very young (well before streaming, and just before widespread use of the internet for music discovery) I would see an ad in a metal magazine for a new album and I would get all excited and buy it as soon as I could before listening to a single song. Most of the time those albums had maybe one or two good songs. A lot of wasted money on things that had I known better I wouldn't have bought.
But eventually I learned my lesson. And would you believe that by the time I was old enough to not make those foolish decisions I was no longer part of the demographic that the record labels primarily cater to? Strange coincidence.

The funny part (and the reason I assume the OP made this thread) is that nowadays you have so many resources in order to preview things before you buy but yet people are still willing to part with their hard earned money sound unheard. Well, technology has advanced but psychology remains the same.
I don’t know where you live, but I’d say that anyone who’s currently a teenager and “bought” an album here is in a very small minority! Why would they? It’s free to stream!