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I would expect nothing less from gs.
A snide remark, yet zero on the ops post.
So helpful???

No one way to do this that’s for sure, be it how the fingers do the picking, or what fingers , to amps or not, to mics, mic pres, the engineers workflow, and experience...and the talents intent for the song...

I am about backwards from Johns idea, don’t use reverb at all in tracking, with fast picking or complex phrases, it makes mush “to me” , the mixing stage reverb can be added to get things to sit in a mix, and I have choices, if tracked that way I do not.

Both I am sure will get it done.
Well, that's why I said "very little". By which I actually meant "VERY LITTLE" - like if it's at all obvious it's too much. That's also why I said it should be a spring built into the amp, because those tend to integrate more gracefully into the amp's tone. Digital reverbs in particular tend to be more obvious.

It should also be applied during tracking because it's going to affect how you play. It's also going to show when you're using too much - if it muddles articulation on fast or intricate phrases you're using too much. And you don't want to use it to make the guitar "sit in the mix" because in this case it's part of the guitar tone, not a pseudo-environmental mix effect.