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Old 30th September 2019
Here for the gear
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Yeah... I guess your logic is just way above my understanding of engineering.

Here is my logic... Plugins have not evolved (sonic wise ), except for reverb, that has come a long way IMO.
I can make my SSL waves sound pretty close to my 73 plug ins if i need to , that should not even remotely be the case.... yes I have to fiddle a bit and perform unconventional tasks I would normally not mess with if working, but I can make them sound pretty similar... Hardware units... no I cant do it.... we shoot out all the time... Software just can't give that depth and color that certain units generate because it is 1's and 0's.... theres no physical saturation of the signal which can happen from a multitude of things inside an analog piece of equipment ... and i hate using that word saturation... i like beef or weight... depth) basically that extra 15% that weve been searching for our plugins to add! Imagine being able to replicate every single piece of gear ever.... with just a firmware update .....and have 16 instances of that actual unit.... aside from all that just that actual realism of plug ins is what i look foward too... i enjoy plug ins and use them everyday... but this is just groundbreaking sorry... and its now... not fifteen years from now... just giving you crap... good talk and thread ... seriously!