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Old 30th September 2019
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Not that posting on here will yield any responses since most of you have given up on me....(LOL) but I'm going to continue to post here so that I have everything in one spot and for the next person who needs the help.

I've finally decided on a path I'm going to. Going to ditch the IKEA Ivar system idea and instead get two pieces of 2x2 MDF board cut into equal triangles to build superchunks. It will be 72" high (need to leave some space for the wall outlets on either side) and I will be using safe and sound to stuff them with with a small layer of 6 mm poly to wrap them.

I found out what was going on with my SPL measurements as well. Apparently, the readings were off because every time i went to do a measurement and REW would tell me that the input was to low or high i would adjust the input gain. Doing this will mess up the SPL graph and if you do adjust you have to recalibrate everything SO I will be taking new measurements to post and hopefully, will get things right.

Once things look ok, i'll start trapping then take a second measurement to see what is happening. After Superchunks are done, i'll be starting on some 6" panels.

Look forward to next steps and thanks to everyone for putting up with my posts so far. This acoustic stuff isn't as easy as I thought.....