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my friend... have you ever really heard the difference between a real 1176 (purple, UA or whatever that is of great quality) and a plug in??? When you push the plug in you can get nasty stuff happening and honestly i think they all sound harsh... Same w a 1073 plug in... yeah it sounds all right but it has a nasty bite in the top end verse an airy shimmer on a 1073.... not to mention you cant truly replicate the variable of the actual signal hit to the block transformer.... in the software world it just keeps the same formula, 1's and 0's.... i have the pleasure of running my retro 2a3 pultec in bypass with a pultec eq and its awesome!... so many possiblities and i am talking about added futures to my hardware gear.... trust me. Plug ins are cool and can work in a hurry.... but this is that bridge that will bring the two worlds together... nothing you can say that doesnt change how deep and weighty outboard can sound... not to mention witth mic modeling on the frontier this will bring a whole new world for interfaces and those mic modelers..

now your turn

I know the feeling, you sound like me ten years ago

I had A LOT of outboard, mixed on a SSL 4000 for a few years. Thought I needed all that stuff, started mixing hybrid, a few years later I decided to go all ITB. Made no difference. And I have mixed a lot of pretty decent artists (+ 50 million plays on Spotify-songs). If it works it works If you think you need all that stuff you probably do..

Not trying to convince anyone there is no difference..I just don’t care it works, creativity will always play a bigger role.