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In some ways UAD is the same thing, restricts compability and in my case just as expensive.

If you have no need to stay compatible and don’t care what the setup will be worth in the future is a great solution.

I don’t plan fifteen years ahead, that is a whole career.

I could easily see myself put money in this thing but I would not call it ”the future” . I would be very surpriced The MCdsp-system is worth more then 1k in 15 years
Listen to what others are saying!!! I am not trying to pick, or be a dick to you. This is not a software plug in , per say... It has actual analog A)transformers (or will) B) Acutal analog components for actual frequency response per the signal
C) And compressors that will fit the bill for the unit.... optical, fet, tube, VCA etc

my first guess is they will be mainly vca based but in the future they will be modular with the ability to add what you want and take out what you dont need.... imagine the possabilities with preamp emulations alone... plugins arent that good with actual preamp units, the APOLLO does good because it can match impedence with the gain used on that channel.... but theres so much more that could be done... THIS IS A WHOLE NEW FIELD ... A WHOLE NEW WORLD>.... if you can explain how it isnt i will listen... but to say "they sound as good . or itll be there before long (which 15 years is insane and i bet it still wouldnt be like this or this good bc they cant truely emulate analog transformers!!!! )/// kush has the omega series... but not the same... just 2 cents from someone who gets to use this type of gear vs a plug in .... everyday