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I worked on a project for a singer-songwriter type once - he was a musician in his youth, never got anywhere, quit and got into IT. Wrote some hedgefund software, retired at around 35 with a family and enough cash to do what he wanted (houses in the bahamas, Edinburgh and Baker St that I knew of - the baker st townhouse had a decent sized studio in the basement!). Got back into music, and (sensibly) did things properly - hired singing and writing coaches, a producer and engineer/studio (me) to make his recordings, and basically set off gigging again. Will he ever "make it"? unlikely perhaps but he's been having a great time, released several half decent albums, been on tour with The Stranglers and others...who could complain?!
LA is teeming with people like that, either living here or passing through. Most of them suck, as you might imagine, but not all. I think this guy is especially interesting:

He's been at it long enough that his Alternate Musical Universe is coming pretty close to colliding with the real one.