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Old 29th September 2019
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I am trialling the reason11 and the rack plug in.

With the rack plug in, I find it's mostly reminding me how outdated Reason is, even though it's really cute.

The synths sound a bit flat to me. Samplers don't have a waveform display.

I wanted to like Dr.Octorex, but I find it inflexible. Other slice(x)ers win.

I may buy "Intro" at £69 just for the Scream plug in, but it could really do with a mix knob, y' know?

All very "old school".

I also won't stump up 309 GBP just to get to the nice effects of which i may or may not use a lot (Pulverizer is nice).

So yeah, it's intro or nothing. Not amazing me with that offer as I won't be using Reason DAW.

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