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Great thread!

I'm a Logic user considering an alternative. One of the main reasons is Logic's quirks with external sequencers, but it sounds like S1 might not be straight forward either.

I'm 95% MIDI (mostly virtual instruments with some MPC Live sequences mixed in) with the occasional bass or guitar recording. I like Logic's MIDI, but S1 has some cheat codes Logic doesn't. And S1's mixer seems to have more flexibility.

The hunt for MY perfect DAW to create & mix in continues. S1 is the only one I'm looking at currently. It's either S1 or stick with Logic.
yeah i'm in the same position in terms of considering an alternative to logic. main motivation for wanting to switch is that i'd like to be using a cross-platform daw. i like macos but don't like being chained to their hardware, especially in the last few years.

i think i may need to stick with logic for now though unfortunately. if S1 had better midi support (sysex etc.) and an integrated score editor, i would've probably already switched.