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Ah. I mean I barely hear the sines. Its very quiet and all noise and static when I put the volume of the unit & my mixer on max.

Something must be wrong with the connections of the voice cards, maybe?

Because the reverb does work on normal levels.

So, any suggestions? Thx!
Ive not even powered mine up yet never mind calibrating it as i'm just too busy however if i had the issues you have i'd

Did you do the 12v test?

Check over every solder joint with a lope.

Check the orientation of every diode.

The troubling thing is the fact its quiet, could that mean an op-amp? as op-amps function is to boost, so check the orientation of your op-amps.

Now this is where the post i did earlier in the thread comes in, if you've build it to the Dreadbox instruction then you've soldered the op-amps to the board, this leaves 3 possible issues, the op-amp is faulty before you'll installed it, the op-amp is damaged during the soldering process or the orientation is wrong either 3 your kinda ****ed if you've soldered them to the board. Hence my complaint that Dreadbox are very tight not providing sockets at $0.05 each. fingers crossed its not an TL074 op-amp as theres a lot of them and your gonna cause a lot of damage to the board trying to remove them.