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What is it about it you don't like? Navigation? I hated that. But one Johnny Geib video was so good to me. I couldn't believe how easy it was and especially having smaller pieces to modify at a time.

But yeah I go back a ways using DAWs like ProTools for 3 years 20 years ago in college and even Cakewalk before that.

I don't know what I did to get into Melodyne though, I should click slower
Im sure there are ways around the issues I had.

One was that even when I would cut up an audio melyodyne would still want to open the whole file. this is an issue when working with live recording that can be 2 hours long. There is probably a way to chop up an audio file and give each section a unique name so melodyne only opens that section up in the editor but I never took the time to find out.

the other is was Melodyne constantly pausing playback in my DAW when it wants to autosave ever few minutes.